ACTi NVR 3.0

ACTi New Generation NVR 3 with 64-Channel Synchronized Playback

Ascend Technologies is proud to announce the release of NVR 3 – the most powerful video management system in ACTi history! The functionality and performance of NVR 3 will make you amazed!

No More Blind Spots: The biggest drawback of common 4-channel playback is the risk of overlooking critical evidence as it is not always clear which of the channels should be reviewed for investigation purposes. What was happening on the back side of the building while there was an alarm at the front gate?It is so easy to miss such valuable clues for crime solving by limited playback capabilities of VMS. With the NVR 3 you will have no more blind spots – the 64-channel synchronized playback keeps everything in front of your eyes. Anything that may be related to the incident will be noticed!

Storage Saver: The most expensive part of a 64-channel NVR is the storage space. The 64-channel full time recording of 30 days would require about 40~70 TB of RAID storage, which is very expensive. How to save hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on storage and yet record videos 24 hours a day to fulfill the security requirements? ACTi NVR 3 provides flexible event speed up recording function – during normal time, the NVR 3 will be recording with storage saving 1 fps, and when the alarm is triggered, NVR would record full frame rate for best possible evidence!

Quick Evidence: Those who use VMS for live monitoring of security cameras know the importance of quick evidence – the capability of having instant playback to review the incident that just happened seconds ago to be able to respond before it is too late. You may have noticed a suspect taking something off the shelf in the retail store and putting it in his pocket. While he is walking towards the exit, you are asking yourself whether you should go and stop him or let him go. What if you were wrong and you stop a completely innocent person?! That may be just as bad as letting an actual thief get away. You would want to have a second look before taking actions, wouldn’t you? ACTi NVR 3 instant playback capability allows you to launch the pop-up playback window with just 1 click. By using the convenient scrollable time bar you can easily double confirm the incident and take necessary actions, just in time!

Easy to Set Up: Installing and configuring NVR 3 is really easy. You no longer have to worry about SQL or IIS configuration – NVR 3 does not need them at all. You are no longer limited to Professional editions of Microsoft Windows either – the new NVR basically works with nearly any popular edition of Windows! The quick setup wizard guides you through all the installation steps so fast that whole setup can be completed in just 20 minutes!

Easy to Use: NVR 3 user interface is so simple, clear and logical – you can complete all the tasks without needing any manuals or instructions! It does not require any training at all – after couple of minutes of usage you will become an expert of this new product.

Main Features

  • Manage up to 100 IP cameras or video encoders
  • Support all ACTi cameras in all resolutions
  • 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18, 24, 25, 35, 36, 48, 49, 64, 81, 100, Custom
  • Instant playback in live view window
  • PTZ and speed control, preset points and tours,mouse & joystick PTZ
  • e-Map with camera icons, mini live views, view linker and event status
  • ACTi device dual stream management
  • Scheduled, event triggered, manual recording andsnapshot
  • Time and event based search
  • Full screen playback with 1/2x-8x speeds
  • 100-channel synchronized playback
  • Event management with motion detection and DI/DO
  • Two-way audio, multi-channel audio broadcast
  • Customizable user interface